welcome to my little safe haven! you'll be safe from demons here!

My name's Analis! I'm sixteen & homeschooled, single, & i'm the eldest out of five kids. I enjoy playing video games, reading, writing, & starting & trying new things!

I made this account to post about my interests and hopefully make some more friends!

I'm into lots of things!
my main interets are:danganronpa, seraph of the end, my hero academia, kimetsu no yaiba, nintendo (pokemon, animal crossing, etc), octopath traveler, promare, stranger things, the walking dead,& yttd!

the rat family
kichi,kaito,& shu
shsl dumbass, himbo, & hogger of braincell
some of my bestest friends & epicest people in the universe

horny parents
manda & red!
my parents that are basically my best friends, the most horniest, pee filled, & amazing people in the entire universe

wife, hermosa diosa, & bro
the coolest people ever and sweethearts everyone of them

my children
fuyu & sara
my children that are so freaking awesome, and they are baby, can't prove me wrong

the obanai to my mitsuri! another amazing person i'm happy to have in my life, also the other parent to our son birkenstock

an epic gamer that is literally the bomb, i don't make the rules that's just how she be

please don't interact with me if you have any problems or dislike any of my comforts!

genya shinazugawa
iguro obanai
kazuichi souda
kaito momota
fuyuhiko kuzuryuu
gundham tanaka
shuichi saihara
eijiro kirishima
katsuki bakugo
shoto todoroki
yoshiki kishinuma
the travelers(opt)
all sote characters

marai(marco x ai)
minsumi(minene x masumi)

selfhood kins (no doubles)
mitsuri kanroji
chiaki nanami
aina ardebit
yuichiro hyakuya
sophie hatter
tohru kobayashi
sonia nevermind

high kins (doubles iffy)
momo yaoyorozu
ochaco uraraka
seiko shinohara
nao egokoro
primrose azelhart

medium kins (doubles okay)
ophilia clement
aoi akane

don't follow if!
you're a homophobe/transphobe,
racist, terf, pedophile,ship anything abusive, toxic, or anything pedophilic such as junko x mikan or haiji x monaca. don't like any of my comfort characters or comfort ships, are here to start drama of any kind, tell me how to live my life, and above all have a problem with my friends

other than that please feel free to follow & message me, I'm always open to making new friends!
i hope you have a lovely day!